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Winery&Ancient Highlights Tour in Mini Cabriole...
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Departure from your hotel in Rome to higlights Ancient tour of Rome ( Colosseum , San Peter , Saint Angels Castle , Trastevere ) and start to the Roman Castle 40 minutes from Rome .  Tour of the lake of Castel Gandolfo (summer residence of the Pope) and stop in Nepi Lake is included  a fantastic test of local food and to be continued in an old winery in Old Frascati ( the nicknamed the Papal Town) to see the ancient wineries, and how to handle a vineyard , then there will be a tasting of 3 types of wines DESCRIBED BY A PROFESSIONAL SOMMELIER .  For the lunch we will go an  characteristic small restaurant ( for a full meal) with only local produce and pasta made by the owners accompanied by  fantastic wine Frascati DOC .Back to Rome where de customers whant .Is incluse wellcome present , fantastic caratteristic hats and whater for the travel.

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